Impact Resource Group

National Product Services' founders recognized a significant service gap in the retail service industry. Most retail service companies are unsophisticated, limited in geographic scope, under-capitalized, and limited in services. NPS was created to provide retailers with a one-stop, nationwide merchandising solution. With a strong capital structure, we have assembled an experienced management team, multiple service offerings, and unique capabilities.

With nearly 5,000 employees across the country, NPS provides comprehensive, nationwide services to companies such as Office Depot®, OfficeMax®, Staples®, BestBuy®, Home Depot®, Target®, Kmart®, Wal-Mart® and other retailers. Through wholly owned subsidiaries IMPACT Resource Group and Creative Retail Services, NPS offers unmatched services including assembly and product merchandising.

NPS is a private company with a strong capital foundation to support its field operations.