Citizen Schools
  • c/o McKinley Institute of Technology; 400 Duane St., Rm. 125, Redwood City, CA 94062, United States

 About Citizen Schools:



Citizen Schools accelerates student learning through an innovative expanded learning time model that is rigorous and evidence-based.  We partner with middle schools to provide "apprenticeships” (hands-on projects taught by volunteers from business and civic organizations), academic support and a culture of high expectations.  As a result, our students develop the skills, knowledge and beliefs they need to succeed in middle school, advance towards college, and become leaders in their careers and communities.  Our goal is to demonstrate that these approaches, taken together, can transform struggling schools.


Citizen Schools operates in seven states (New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, New Jersey and Texas), serving approximately 4,400 students and engaging 3,400 Citizen Teachers.  Building on fifteen years of programming innovation and results, Citizen Schools is in the midst of a strategic plan that will place this model at the center of school transformation.  Nationally, Citizen Schools is scaling its Expanded Learning Time (ELT) model to 25 urban middle schools by 2012, as well as its model to transition 8th graders to high-performing high schools.