Six3 Systems Values

Six3 Systems, Inc. (Six3) provides strategic solutions to U.S. Government agencies in the Intelligence, Defense, and Civilian communities. Our teams are highly adept at solving complex problems utilizing the convergence of top-line subject matter expertise and leading-edge technology solutions, empowering decision-makers to make better mission-critical decisions.

Our teams excel in the areas of collection, processing, analysis, and security. We have operational personnel stationed around the world in support of our customers' missions. Six3 comprises a professional staff with substantial experience in personnel/document/physical security, Homeland security, counterintelligence, human intelligence, measurement and signature intelligence, biometrics, research and technology, critical infrastructure protection and force protection.

Six3 Systems Core Markets

Our mission is to provide subject matter expertise and strategic solutions for our country's most sensitive national security agencies and critical missions. Our support includes security specialists, intelligence analysts, counterintelligence professionals, forensic technicians, systems engineering, chief scientists and thought leaders, and senior program advisors.