Top Level eMarketing

Forget outdated notions of “virtual marketing.” This is the 21st century, and the Web is here to stay—like it or not. If you want your business to thrive, you need be online—but you need your online presence be effective. You need to be local and global.

Think of it this way: Say you own a pizzeria with a good local following. Locals know that your pizzeria is THE neighborhood pizza place, so you get the most business. Your customers think that you make the best crust, your sauce is great, you use just the right amount of mozzarella, and your toppings are awesome. By marketing on Top Level Local, people who don’t already know about your pizza place will read all about it from the perspective of all the local people who are loyal customers. This will bring you even more local business, plus potential business from those who may plan to visit the area. Top Level Local visitors feel that they are “there” because Top Level Local brings them there by getting them acquainted with the businesses we promote. They get to see pictures taken by locals, read reviews from local critics, and also read comments from local people just like them who candidly share their insights, observations and comments. If you just like good pizza, you want to read what another person who just likes good pizza has to say about the local pizza place. So the dashboard is kind of like hanging out at your pizza place. People will already feel like they know the place before they even come in for their first pie!

Nothing beats word-of-mouth promotion, and Top Level Local takes it to the next level—local and global, because that’s what today’s marketplace is, and you have to thrive in both in order to truly succeed.

Turnkey Marketing Solutions & Portal Position Top Level Local is more than an online neighborhood; we offer true turnkey marketing and serve as a portal. Signing on with Top Level Local means that we not only promote customer’s websites on our site, we also promote their sites on a network of websites. That means that Top Level Local is a one-stop, turnkey online marketing company. Top Level Local’s website is the base from which we build a strong foundation for online marketing; from that base, we run a network of cross-linking: from our website to the customer’s website; from all the other websites we market on back to our customer’s website, and also Top Level Local’s website. We are constantly pushing each customer’s website on the most popular websites, such as FLickr, Google, Facebook, 8coupons, Ebay classifieds, and many other classifieds websites. Not only do we market online, we also place ads in local newspapers and hold local events. We are in constant communication with members who view our customers’ pages; if members add our customer to their dashboards, we then promote that customer’s business on the members’ dashboards. This is a win-win for members, customers and Top Level Local.

No one marketer or small marketing company can offer the services that Top Level Local provides. Regardless of what you might read or hear about such operations, they are not turnkey. They promote on other sites without a portal to track what is working and what is not. Top Level Local is a portal that allows us to track exactly what does and doesn’t work for every customer, as well as being able to target promotional efforts—we know exactly who is visiting our customers’ pages, and because they are members of our customers’ pages and of our service, we can customize marketing to gain their loyalty…and keep it. In short, Top Level Local’s serving as a main portal to the other marketing websites gives our customers a better chance to obtain a visitor’s email, address and/or name.

The bottom line is this: Our turnkey services and portal position translate to more searches, more visibility, more customers, more business, and more profits for you, our customer.