Environment One
  • 2773 Balltown Rd, Niskayuna, NY 10567, United States

Environment One Corporation (E/One) is a diversified, high-technology company located in Niskayuna , New York , U.S.A. Manufacturing, engineering, administration and marketing operations are managed from Niskayuna. Environment One also maintains regional sales offices in key cities in the U.S.A. and Australia. Environment One Corporation is owned by Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC) , a worldwide manufacturer of complex metal components and products, listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "PCP."


Environment One's expertise in the detection and measurement of submicron particles has led to the development of a line of critical monitoring instruments for electric utilities. The Generator Condition Monitor was designed to warn of potential failures in electric power generators by detecting the submicron particles emitted in the generator's cooling gas during early phases of overheating or arcing.