JX Nippon ANCI, Inc.

JX Nippon ANCI, Inc. is a subsidiary of JX Nippon ANCI Corporation, which is owned by JX Holdings, Inc. In operation for more than 120 years, JX Holdings, Inc. is the largest energy-related company in Japan. Established in 1990, we began producing CLAF® fabrics in April of 1992 at our state-of-the-art facility in Roanoke, Alabama. Effective July 1st, 2010 our name changed from Atlanta Nisseki CLAF, Inc. to JX Nippon ANCI, Inc.

Our corporate headquarters is located in Kennesaw, GA, a northern Atlanta suburb. Sales, technical support and new product design are based in this office. Our sales and marketing activities cover all of North America, including Canada and Mexico as well as Latin America.

JX Nippon ANCI SAS, based in France, is also a subsidiary of JX Nippon ANCI Corporation and serves the European Continent and the Middle East with a network of sales representatives and inventory in Germany.

Our parent company, JX Nippon ANCI Corporation, produces CLAF® and MILIFE® fabric in its manufacturing facility in Narita, Japan. At this facility, JX Nippon ANCI engineers originally created the first prototypes of our CLAF® products, and it is the current site for new product development and advancement of new technology.