Applied Medical

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Orange County, California, Applied Medical is a rapidly growing, global organization with over 1,900 team members. We are proud to offer our technologies and unique business model to more than 75 countries worldwide. Applied is a leading provider of breakthrough technologies for Minimally Invasive and General Surgery, as well as Cardiovascular, Urologic, Colorectal, Obstetric and Gynecologic Specialties.

As a new generation medical device company, we are committed to improving the quality, affordability and accessibility of healthcare. Our mission is to have a significant and sustainable impact on healthcare by delivering technologies that enhance clinical care and satisfy the pressing economic needs of our customers.

One of the main facets of our business model is vertical integration. This means we develop and manufacture our products in-house instead of outsourcing or offshoring our operations. As a vertically-integrated organization, Applied welcomes team members from a wide-range of career paths and levels. From engineers and clinical specialists to manufacturing personnel and graphic designers, the Applied team is a group of diverse yet interdependent individuals working toward the shared success of the organization.

Our common goal is to improve healthcare through meeting the needs of clinicians and patients. Applied Medical is a new generation, quality-focused organization.