Hospital of Saint Raphael

Saint Raphael's is a 511-bed academic health science center affiliated with Yale University School of Medicine. It has long been recognized and respected as a clinical pioneer, with centers of excellence in cardiac services, orthopedics, neurosciences, and oncology services. We are the preferred provider of adult surgical and medical services in the greater New Haven community, and also are the hospital of choice in the area for persons age 65 and older.


Our reputation for technological advances started back in 1910 when Saint Raphael's acquired its first X-ray machine, opened its first pharmacy and dispatched its first motorized ambulance. In 1940, Saint Raphael's opened a School of Medical Technology, one of the first in the nation. In 1950, Saint Raphael's established its leadership role in both cancer and cardiac care by opening Southern New England's first free standing, self-contained radiation therapy center and being one of the first community hospitals in New England to perform open-heart surgery.


This tradition continues today. For example, Saint Raphael's uses a state-of-the-art computerized system on wheels that virtually eliminates the use of paper in prescribing and administering medications and is safer, quicker and more efficient.


We're the first in New England to use the Powerheart bedside monitor-defibrillators. Saint Raphael's cardiac patients are monitored around-the-clock by a new device that not only identifies irregular heart rhythms, but immediately administers a life-saving shock to prevent cardiac arrest.


Saint Raphael's is also the first in the state with physicians who use the Cardioblate pen. The new pen-like device can help patients with irregular heart rates reduce their dependency on blood thinning medication and, ultimately, avoid the risk of stroke.


Great people require challenges and leadership to remain engaged. We provide the opportunity for you to work with leading edge technology and learn the latest techniques.


The Hospital was founded in 1907 by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, who continue as its sponsors.


The Sisters came to New Haven to start the hospital at the request of a group of local physicians, led by Dr. William F. Verdi. The doctors asked the Sisters of Charity to administer a hospital that would be open to all members of the medical profession and would "receive and care for all patients without regard to race, creed or color; to extend charity to the sick and poor and needy." Saint Raphael's continues this special mission today.


The name "Saint Raphael" was chosen for special reasons. Saint Raphael is not just a saint of the Catholic Church, but is one of the archangels recognized by many faiths. Translated from the Hebrew, Raphael means "God has healed." The archangel Raphael is revered as a patron of the sick and healing.


Almost 100 years since its founding, the hospital has evolved into the Saint Raphael Healthcare System, an integrated delivery system offering a comprehensive array of services dedicated to the health and well-being of residents of Greater New Haven and beyond.