DM Systems, Inc.

Located in Evanston, Illinois since our founding in 1979, DM Systems is committed to providing products that deliver quality patient care while saving time and money. Developed by orthopedic surgeons, our product lineup consists of wound care, casting, rehab and orthotic solutions designed and manufactured to treat ailments that range from ankle sprains and shoulder subluxations to heel pressure ulcers.

Our team of forward-thinking clinicians anticipate patient needs to create innovative solutions that bring quality patient care and comfort to a cost-conscious medical marketplace, including:

·         Heelift® Suspension Boots for the prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers.

·         Heelift® AFO Boot for treatment of plantar fasciitis, foot drop, and heel cord contracture

·         Elbowlift® Suspension Pad for preventing elbow pain and injury

·         Heelift® Traction Boot for stabilizing pre-surgical fractures

·         HeelSafe™ DVT Hose protects the heel while preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis

·         GaitKeeper® Cast Shoe for air-cushioned cast protection

·         CastWalker® Cast Sole Walking Cast for improving gait and providing cast protection

·         CastWedge™ Cast Adjuster for aiding in realignment and accommodating swelling

·         AnkleTough® Rehab Systems Resistive Exercise Straps for ankle sprain treatment and prevention

·         Cadlow™ Shoulder Stabilizer for the treatment of chronic shoulder subluxations and sporadic shoulder dislocations.

·         Adjusticizer® Exercise System for a full body workout any time, anywhere

DM Systems is a Veteran-owned small business.