mjaUSA™ Hosting, Marketing, Website Design, & Social Media

mjaUSA™ has been serving consumers and businesses since 1996 and has provided a wide range of products and services to many markets.  Including NASCAR racing teams, the medical industry, small-mid-size business market, and retailers of all kinds!  We are the online real estate… the online resources behind many of today’s most popular websites.

mjaUSA™ is a United States Military Veteran Owned and Operated Business.  We take helping the Veteran to the next level.  We hire Veterans, we service Veterans, and we take the extra step needed to help Veterans succeed in today's challenging business world.  

mjaUSA™ provides managed hosting solutions, application hosting, specialized hosting, website design, website marketing, website social media promotion & management, educational products & services, and support operations to complete the TSP (Total Solution Provider) package.

You are encouraged to visit the mjaUSA™ website to see a list of the most current openings.

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