EVO Platinum Services Group

 About EVO Platinum Services Group, www.goevo.com

 Ÿ    Headquartered in Melville, NY with over 800 employees. 24/7/365 technical support.

 Ÿ    CEO Ray Sidhom: Ernst & Young’s 2009 Metro New York Entrepreneur of the Year.

 Ÿ    The largest privately-held credit card processor company in the US.

 Ÿ    Processes over $26 billion a month, approaching a third of $1 trillion a year

 Ÿ    Processes over 385 million transactions a year

 Ÿ    Over 235,000 customers in the US and Canada. Opening European office late 2011.

 Ÿ    Operates with total integrity and transparency. EVO’s profit appears on statements.

 Ÿ    One-stop shopping for over 10 retail and wholesale business products and services.


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Among EVO’s products are services are:

 Ÿ    Credit Card Processing

            Process all credit and debit card processing with Cost-Plus pricing that charges the lowest possible rates for all card types.

 Ÿ    Electronic Loyalty & Rewards Card Program, Including Social Media Marketing

            Provide retail merchants with the same loyalty and rewards programs like frequent flyer programs used by large corporates. These cards increase average purchases by 14% and customer retention by 24%. Broadcast special or limited time offers to mobile devices.

 Ÿ    Electronic Gift Card Program

            Research shows that 75% of gift card users spend 60% more than the value of the card, and 18% of cards are never redeemed.

 Ÿ    Cash Advance Program

            Enables merchants to receive cash advances against future credit card receipts for uses like capital investment or cash flow needs.

Ÿ    Mobile Phone Processing

            Accept payments on mobile devices like smart phones. Outstanding for businesses that operate “in the field” like gardeners, plumbers, towing services and electrical contractors.

 Ÿ    Remote Deposit Capture

            From the business’ office, scan checks and electronically deposit them into business checking accounts. Excellent for businesses processing high volumes of checks.

Ÿ    Electronic Cash Registers

            Also known as point-of-sale terminals that are all-in-one cash registers, credit card swipers and printers.

 Ÿ    Community Bank Program

            As the expert in credit processing, EVO teams with community banks to handle their processing, enabling the banks to provide first-rate credit card processing service to their merchants without having to acquire the expertise.

 Ÿ    QuickBooks Plug-In for Credit Card/Check Payments

            Merchants have credit card, check or cash payments posted directly to QuickBooks from the card swipe or card/check data entry.

Ÿ    Express-Pay Online Bill Paying

            Companies, municipalities or non-profits use this service to have customers pay their bills or donations directly to them online or in person.