GreySam Industrial Services

Our Company

Greysam Industrial Services provides a range of technical industrial support services and products. These include Process Control, Automation, Reliability, Predictive Maintenance, Information Technology, Environmental, Critical Inspection, Analysis and Remote and Crtical Machine Monitoring.

Differentiators include:

  • Outstanding Safety Record
  • High Focus on Customer Needs ad Communication
  • Highest Quality of Employees
  • Excellent Quality control and Assurance
  • Operating to the Highest Standards of Integrity and Ethics in all Areas
  • In-Depth, Turn-Key Solutions
  • Distinctive and Substantial Impact in Efficient Operation and cost Effectiveness

Services are provided to a broad range of customers including aerospace; chemical (gas, plastics and nuclear); defense; petrochemical and other processing facilities and industries such as food, paper, public works and environmental. Greysam provides turn-key solutions including products and equipment.