Gita Group

Gita Group is a full-service public relations and marketing company, specializing in culinary, hospitality and lifestyle brands. We are a team of passionate supertasters¹, who love what we do and do it well.  While structured as an independent public relations firm, Gita Group offers clients the specialized service expected of an in-house relationship.

Spreading the word is the easy part at Gita Group because we work with our clients to objectively define what makes them unique, fresh and exciting before competing for ink in their market space. The strategies attributed to and executed for each individual client are drawn from the framework, personality and long-term objectives of each particular brand, through attention to detail and a devoted, undistracted approach.

Our focus is quality-driven and we seek clients that share in that philosophy, whether they are a luxury or a mass brand. We honor the trust that we have formed with our media contacts, which is a result of our being selective and well-prepared when we connect with them.   Gita Group is dedicated to providing publicity and meeting the goals of our clients through creativity, experience, and integrity.