As a member of the B Wyze Group, B Virtual takes pride in being part of a team that has grown rapidly over the years. We now have partnerships with governments and companies across the continent. We have been ranked five consecutive years on PROFIT Magazine's Fastest Growing Companies and recognized twice on the Branham300 as a Top Professional Services Organization and Top IT Company in Canada.

B Virtual is an innovative provider of outsourced support products and services, with clients across North America and around the world. Key to our success is our dedication to building partnerships. Innovations in enterprise digital education are at the heart of what we do. From there, we combine this education innovation with our expertise in managed services. This allows us to assist companies in providing optimal education and support services.

This remote approach to education and support offers tremendous opportunities to improve efficiency as well as service levels. Staff can be provided at a cost that's competitive with overseas outsourcing but at higher service levels. Top-notch, professional training can be undertaken without the need for classrooms or disruptions to work schedules. It means there are numerous ways in which companies can be made to be more efficient, productive and profitable.

In short, B Virtual is committed to the belief that today's virtual world offers spectacular opportunities to our partners, and we are dedicated to exploiting those opportunities to the fullest. It is, after all, a big world - but the virtual world is limitless.