TC Group
  • 805 N Harmony Drive, Janesville, WI 53545, United States

“If our involvement does not improve the bottom line of our client then we are wrong for the client and the client is wrong for us.”

We do not think, act, or perform like any other consultancy, advisory, or think-tank you might have dealt with in the past.  While all other focus on providing you services in traditional disciplines such as process re-engineering, cost reduction, software systems, and the myriads of mind boggling management fads, we focus on making you more profitable, PERIOD. Your business needs to work harder for you then you worked for it!

A doctor who prescribes and provides prognosis without diagnosis is a quack, so to, is an adviser or solution provider who seems to have an answer and a solution for everything your business needs in his hip pocket.  Will we have a solution for everything which ails you?  The answer is absolutely not.  We do, however, promise to commit all of our resources and ability to craft and create a solution which uniquely addresses your issues.

TC Group by virtue of its configuration, organization, and affiliations is poised to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients, our affiliation with Institute for Independent Business allows us to tap the talent of approximately 7000 Senior Level Business executives who have all served as CEOs, Presidents, and COOs or have operated successful businesses of their own.  TCG Funding brings to table unique approaches to all your capital requirements.  TCG Legal addresses your issues with the law, compliance, and regulations.  TCG Services can handle all of your corporate or individual benefits, whether you want to create comprehensive corporate program or offer your employees individual programs to meet their needs.  TCG Soft the software development arm consists of highly talented development staff of more than 160 individuals.  The use of state of the art technology and innovations based on the industry’s best practices is fundamental to our and client’s success

Just like a good athlete, a successful business owner is the result of practice and coaching.  Regardless, if you know the rules of the game, or are new to the field, a coach is essential to your success, at TC Group we are not interested in running a coaching factory, our clients are very carefully selected to be coached, and the nature of our work dictates that we only take on very serious and committed clientèle.  The guarantee of success we provide leaves no room for uncommitted or halfhearted engagements.

Our only objective is to make your business work harder, better, and faster for you.

We find it disheartening to see potentially successful businesses under perform and thus fail to deliver more income, profits, and peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment to their owners.  It takes no more effort to fly a Boeing 747 then a Cessna the principal of flight is the same for both, the choice is yours as to how you want your business to perform.  It is merely a matter of strategy and insight, we can guide you to develop your strategy, your marketing, your profit models, and your money making systems, however, you must bring the vision, we can help you clarify and crystallize it but it has to be yours.