Acquisition Logistics Engineering
  • 6797 N. High Street, Suite 324, Worthington, OH 43081, United States
Since 1984, Acquisition Logistics Engineering (ALE) has assisted industry in designing reliable, easily maintained products with low ownership cost, and has developed the methods and processes necessary to make this part of every designer’s tool kit. ALE’s origins are in space and defense system development programs where product support considerations are key to a product’s success. We have taken the best aspects from the aerospace and defense industry’s approach to product support, have improved where improvements were needed, and have tailored other aspects to meet the needs of commercial industry. What results is a set of product development methodologies and analysis tools that foster product development from a system life cycle perspective that explicitly address the total cost-of-ownership of the product.
Techniques such as Front End Analysis, Performance Based Supportability, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Value Analysis/Value Engineering, and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, to name just a few, form a tool set that can be applied during product development to ensure customer expectations are being achieved and development costs are being controlled. Each product development requires a different combination of tools, and ALE’s toolbox contains the appropriate tools for each situation.
The bottom line is customer satisfaction and company success. These are not mutually exclusive, but instead, essentially dependent. Customer satisfaction from the perspective of product support is ALE’s business. How to make products perform their intended functions over their anticipated life with minimum servicing is the focus of ALE’s business. ALE will help you make your products safer, more reliable, and easier to maintain. ALE’s business is assisting you in being successful in your business.