DB Consulting Group, Inc.
Training and Dissemination
Position Overview
The candidate will provide expert consulting services to effectively implement large-scale policy-based interventions for improved health behaviors and chronic disease outcomes through education and training. 
Education: Master’s level or MPH
Years of Experience: The candidate should possess a minimum of 5 years prior experience in the field public health education and training.
Location: Atlanta, GA, onsite at the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention
Description: The expert must possess strong analytic, and writing skills, and experience in policy and environmental systems change. Specifically, the expert shall perform the following tasks:
 a.       Provide expert consultation and technical assistance in the formulation of program plans, guidelines, standards and priorities for a national program. b.      Perform analyses of collected data from CPPW grant recipients and other sources, and support findings or conclusions through recommendations for program planning, execution, and advancement to develop and deliver training on policy and environmental systems change. c.       Develop training strategies and materials to assist CPPW grant recipients with the implementation of large-scale policy and environmental changes. d.      Develop briefing materials and assist the CPPW Teams with presentations at CDC leadership, grantee, regional and national meetings. e.   Serve as a liaison across the CPPW Teams, branches, and divisions. f.       Develop content for Atlanta-based and regional training sessions for grant recipients focused on large-scale policy and environmental systems change. g.      Provide consultation on the identification of facilitators and speakers at Atlanta-based and regional training sessions.  h.      Attend and/or participate in CPPW Action Institutes and Peer-to-Peer Grantee Meetings. i.        Coordinate, organize and implement CPPW trainings for grantees. j.    Develop training content and delivery mechanisms for CPPW grantees (e.g. webinars).  k.     Coordinate and collaborate with national providers to enhance accelerate and expand technical assistance to CPPW grantees through the TA tracking system, affinity groups, etc.  l.        Develop and support resources and tools to enhance the ability of CPPW grantees to implement PSE changes in their communities (e.g. online resource center, peer teams).  m.    Plan and implement large scale meetings and conferences.