Sproxil (www.sproxil.com) is the market leader in the provision of consumer-level, anti-counterfeiting technology services to the pharmaceutical market. The annual global trade in counterfeit drugs is estimated to be $200B. Counterfeits exist in every pharmaceutical market and are responsible for thousands of deaths each year. Over 30% of medicines available in emerging markets are estimated to be counterfeit. The global pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, and security packaging market reached $6.7B in 2009 and the total anti-counterfeiting technology market is expected to grow to $82B by 2015. Sproxil primarily provides mobile phone based track and trace services primarily in developing nations. We also offer market research and targeted advertising services.


Founded in 2009, Sproxil already has operations in Ghana, India, Kenya and Nigeria and will be expanding into additional territories shortly. Winners of awards and grants from MITX, IBM SmartCamp, USAID, the Clinton Foundation and Nokia Forum amongst others, the company has received tremendous favorable media coverage including from The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Discovery News, Venture Beat, Voice of America and CNN. We also closed a round of funding from Acumen Fund earlier this year.