Kwikpoint is a small business that develops innovative and simple communication products that solve important language and training challenges. The firm’s visual language translators (VLT's) use a field- proven “point-to-pictures” methodology to enable people who do not share a common language to effectively communicate with each other through the use of pictures. Kwikpoint visual user guides (VUG’s) and Visual Reference Guides (VRGs) allow people to better understand products, systems or processes through graphic imagery rather than complex text. The US Military has been using Kwikpoint since 1993 to help soldiers communicate with locals who don’t speak English and for key activities including IED and HME deterrence and detection. More than 7 Million Kwikpoints are in circulation and the firm has been credited with saving many lives, both American and foreign. To get a better sense of the Kwikpoint’s mission please look at the following brief videos:

Voice of America Company TV Footage

Experiences of soldiers who have used Kwikpoint in Iraq and Afghanistan