Ketti McCormick

If you are seeking information about family law and you have found this site you may have a lot on your mind. I would like to help you understand your choices and provide you with information and options in a comfortable and understanding environment. If you are contemplating a divorce, legal separation or custody modification, there are important choices with life changing consequences with which you are faced.  

The laws approach to matters involving children is to ask the question "What is in the child's best interest?"

My firm has the experience that allows us to explain and or recommend a variety of custody or parenting plan arrangements that may fit better with your child's needs and the structure of your new life than the traditional every Wednesday and every other weekend arrangements.  

When necessary we can utilize or recommend outside resources to help resolve custody issues. Such resources include mediation services through the Conciliation Court, custodial evaluations, private psychologists and the appointment of an attorney as "minor's counsel" to represent the children.

We have provided a set of answers to frequently asked questions and terms to help you more fully understand some of the issues you may be facing. I welcome you to contact me at 520-297-5031.

Ketti McCormick