North American Survey Corporation
Please allow me to introduce
North American Survey Corporation
We are a Cathodic Protection Testing and Monitoring Company, in business since 1990. During our 20 years of service, we have performed a variety of cathodic protection surveys on over 75,000 miles of pipeline throughout North America. Clients choose us because of our honesty, integrity and our ability to provide accurate data on a timely and reliable basis.
Our specialty is Close Interval Survey (CIS), but we also perform various other over-the-pipe surveys including:Direct Current Voltage Gradient(DCVG), Alternating Current Voltage Gradient(ACVG), Cell-to-Cell(Hot Spot), PCM(Current Attenuation), Soil Resistivity, Depth-of-Cover, Pipe Locating, Sub-Meter GPS Data Collection(DGPS), Right-of-Way AssessmentandEncroachment.
We are members of NACE, ISNetWorld, Veriforce, NCCER, as well as an accreditedNCCERtraining and assessment facility.
We hope this short summary of our company and the references listed below will encourage you to consider North American Survey Corporation for your integrity assessment needs.
Thank you for your consideration.