Daniels Sharpsmart, Inc.

'Making Healthcare Safer' is the philosophy that guides Daniels and the company is committed to developing the safest, environmentally friendly products and services available for everyone involved in healthcare and to reduce risk for healthcare organizations.

Our products and systems have been developed with extensive input and advice from healthcare workers around the world, including clinicians, safety and health personnel, infection control, health managers and support staff such as cleaners and orderlies.

Our primary focus is the reduction of sharps injuries through safer sharps management systems and practices, but our safety approach goes even further, taking into account other risks such as the potential for back injuries if collectors or accessories are too heavy or difficult to move.

Daniels considers the safety of our environment to be very important. It is this fundamental concern that is behind the development of the reusable Sharpsmart system that reduces plastic and cardboard waste being discarded.

The effectiveness of the Daniels Sharpsmart system in reducing sharps injuries is achieved by focusing on three 'P's: The safest Product, correct Placement of sharps collectors and thorough training of the People who use the system.

You can be assured that Daniels' products and systems are developed with your safety as the number one priority.