New Century Fabricators, Inc.
Good Evening,
New Century Fabricators is a family-owned fabrication and offshore company located in New Iberia.  We value those who have spent their lives dedicated to protecting the lifestyle that we are proud to live.  We have 300 employees and have been hiring between 3 and 8 people per week for the last 5 months.  We have openings in the following positions and would offer preference to any veterans who applied:
SHOP (Located in New Iberia) - We have between 2 & 5 positions open for each of the following below. For fitters & welders, both day & night shifts are available.
-Structural Welders
-Structural Fitters
-Pipe Welders
-Pipe Fitters
-6GR Welders
-Vessel Welders
-Vessel Fitters
-Project Managers (must be familiar with ASME coded pressure packages, ICP piping, structural skid packages)
-Estimators (same knowledge as project manager)
-QC/ QA (same knowledge as project manager)
-Painter / Blasters
-Assembly Fitters
OFFSHORE (14/7, 21/7, or as needed)
-Superintendents (10 year offshore minimum)
-Tig Welders
-Pipe Fitters
-Structural Welders
-Structural Fitters
-Crane Operators
-Paint Foremen
-Blaster / Painters
Offshore Construction
Oilfield Painting / Blasting
Offshore Coatings
Salary Range:  20,000 to 150,000 (craftsmen)
                      50,000 to 250,000+ (sales)
Are there any services offered to help us reach out to veterans?  If I had the ability to hire only veterans, I would.
Brennan Castille
New Century Fabricators, Inc.