Littleford Day, Inc.

Littleford Day, Inc., a recognized leader for the supply of Mixers, Dryers and Reactors offers unmatched technical expertise to the process and plastic industries.

There are endless applications for the processing versatility derived from Littleford Day, Inc. products. Prominent industries served by Littleford Day, Inc. include: chemical, plastic, healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, detergent, animal feed, agricultural chemical, environmental, biotechnical, nutraceutical, bakery, powder coating, pet food, foundry, powder metal, iron ore, particleboard, metallic stearates, glass, construction, ceramic, adhesive, and rubber, etc.

Littleford Day supplies Industrial Mixers, Dryers and Reactors designed specifically for the different industries. This includes: Food Mixers, Food Blenders, Chemical Mixers, Pharmaceutical Mixers, Pharmaceutical Granulators, Continuous Mixers, High Intensity Mixers for PVC Compounding, Cosmetic Mixers, Double Arm Mixers, Plow Mixers, Friction Material Mixers, Industrial Sludge Mixers, Chemical Dryers Fluid Bed Dryers, Food Dryers, Pharmaceutical Dryers, Extractors, Sterilizers, Food Reactors and Chemical Reactors.

Truly, Littleford Day, Inc. products feature incredible versatility, in addition to unparalleled technology and craftsmanship. Regardless of the industry, or application, Littleford Day, Inc. is ultimately dedicated to processing innovation. Littleford Day, Inc. is without question “where processing ideas become reality”.