JTJ Resources Inc

JTJ Resources Inc. ("JTJ") is a successful Certified Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(A) Participant; it is a SBA Small Disadvantaged; it is a Veterans Affairs (VA) Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE) Certified Service Connected-Disabled Veteran and Veteran; it is a Total Woman-Owned Business,

and it is a Certified Department of Transportation Disadvantaged and Minority Business Enterprise Small Business providing nationwide consolidated services.   


As a Prime Contractor, JTJ provides specialized professional staffing, postal and mailroom distribution management and support services, library management and support services,  Facility Management, Office and Professional Administrative Management and Support Services and Vocational Technical Services in support of Federal Government Agencies and the Department of Defense Agencies. 


The JTJ presently operate in ten (11) states (CA, GA, IN, NC, NJ,NY, SC,TN, TX

and VA) and the District of Columbia.   The JTJ also performs as the Subcontractor providing quality control services for the Department of the Army, Southeastern Region, Atlanta, GA.