NAAS North American Aircraft Services

Welcome to NAAS - North American Aircraft Services

Our staff has decades of technical expertise, including hands-on experience and technical knowledge of all airframe types. Among them: Boeing, Douglas, Airbus, Lockheed and numerous BizJet manufacturers. Our senior leadership has a grass-roots perspective and understanding of fuel tank maintenance philosophies. We have tailored our core competency processes to focus on client-oriented needs.

We provide our maintenance crews with the latest advances in specialized tooling, equipment and training. Therefore, with each repair, our clients/operators can expect reduced turn time and costs, first-time quality and cost-effective extended dispatch reliability.

Since our inception in 1993, NAAS has maintained a lean-forward attitude to addressing operator fuel leak issues. We do more than simply fix a fuel leak. We get involved by identifying problem areas, developing processes and implementing solutions to increase dispatch reliability. Our clients can count on NAAS to be an integral part of their team, rather than just a fuel tank repair company. We work with them to achieve shared goals.

Our thorough understanding of the aviation industry and our advanced technical knowledge result in time- and cost-effective advantages for our clients.