Emerge America
Emerge America is a leading debt management company, serving individual consumers, as well as small to mid size businesses with the industry's most innovative debt settlement services. Our staff has been working in the debt settlement and financial services industry for years. Many of our negotiators have worked for the very creditors and banking institutions that we negotiate with, in addition, they have an average of 8+ years of debt negotiation experience. To date, our negotiators have negotiated over $30,000,000 in consumer debt. Emerge America is a proud member of the IAPDA (International Association of Debt Arbitrators, see www.IAPDA.org). Emerge is one of a handful of debt settlement companies in the industry, that collects its settlement fees ONLY AFTER a bona fide settlement has been achieved. This is referred to as a "performance based fee" structure, versus what most of the debt settlement industry follows, which is referred to as a "flat fee" structure. The bottom line is: if we can't save you money, then we don't get paid. In addition, we offer two, 100% money back guarantees (see Our Guarantees on HOME page). Armed with many years of customer service, settlement and negotiation skills, the management and staff offer outstanding support to our customers. Once enrolled in our program you will quickly find that our professional staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping you become debt free.