Memorial Shooting Center
Our Mission at Memorial Shooting Center is quite simple: Provide a Houston gun range and gun shop for experienced and novice shooters to enjoy indoor shooting in a safe and comfortable environment. We sell and rent firearms, host tactical training, and of course, offer a great indoor shooting range. We also offer TCH (Texas Concealed Handgun) classes, licensing and specialize in weapons training including handgun, shotgun, carbine and edged weapons as well as open hand/self defense training. Our director of training, is a former United States Marine Corps Counter Terrorism Hostage Rescue Team Section Leader and a Certified Combat Focus Instructor. Both group and private training are available at our home range or yours. We are Certified Combat Focus Shooting Instructors. Combat Focus is a shooting system, which works well with what the body does naturally during a dynamic critical incident. CFS has been embraced by many of our nations Special Operations Units as an efficient / effective system of shooting in close quarters battle. What does that mean to you as a Civilian, LEO, Private Security Officer, or member of our Armed Forces? It means CFS works! Simply put Combat Focus Shooting can save your life. We believe in training students through reality based scenarios designed to help them increase their individual competency. Whether you want to train to protect yourself and your family, increase your skills as a LEO, EP / Private Security Professional, or you are preparing to deploy with the US Armed Services we can help you.