Military Sealift Command

Our afloat work force is comprised of civil service mariners, a unique group of skilled federal government employees who serve aboard MSC’s logistic support fleet of ships. As a CIVMAR, you will play a critical role in supporting our nation’s defense.

Who is MSC

Our workforce is made up of civilian mariners (CIVMARs), a unique group of skilled government employees who serve onboard our ships in civil service positions. As a CIVMAR, you will play a critical role in supporting our nation’s defense. MSC operates a growing fleet of over 40 ships, to include:

  • Ammunition ships (T-AE) – providing Navy combatants with ammunition
  • Combat stores ships (T-AFS) – by means of underway replenishment provide all types of supplies including: fresh, chilled and frozen food, dry provisions, repair parts, and mail
  • Dry cargo/ammunition ships (T-AKE) – multi-product ships delivering ammunition, food, limited quantities of fuel, repair parts, and expendable supplies to combatants
  • Fast combat support ships (T-AOE) – high speed vessels designed to carry fuel, ammunition and supplies
  • Underway replenishment oilers (T-AO) – provide underway replenishment of fuel to Navy combat ships and jet fuel of aircraft aboard carriers at sea
  • Fleet ocean tugs (T-ATF) – provide towing services and operate as platforms for Navy divers in the recovery of downed aircraft and ships
  • Hospital ships (T-AH) – serve as emergency, on-site trauma centers for the care of combatant forces and, as required, for humanitarian relief
  • Rescue/salvage ships (T-ARS) – assist in rescue and salvage missions

A shipboard tour is a minimum of four months. At the completion of the four month tour CIVMARs may elect to continue their assignment aboard, transfer to another ship, take a training class, or go on earned leave. CIVMARs employed by MSC are paid a base salary and earned overtime. Overtime is earned for work performed in excess of eight hours per day and work performed on weekends and holidays. All CIVMARs earn, on average, two to three weeks vacation time per four month tour aboard ship.

Training & Promotional Opportunities

MSC provides the mandatory training required of our newly hired CIVMARs. This training is conducted at our schools in either Freehold, NJ or San Diego, CA. Additional paid training and upgrade opportunities are based on position held, ship requirements, self-initiative and the ability to advance to the next higher rated position through our merit promotion process.

MSC employs a variety of positions onboard our civil service manned ships. All personnel serving onboard an MSC ship must have, at a minimum, a valid U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner’s Document with entry-level endorsements. Specific ratings may also require additional endorsements, licenses or prior experience in order to qualify. Additional requirements for individual position vacancies are listed on the Now Hiring page. Click here to view descriptions of our shipboard departments, as well as all externally hired MSC positions.