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Austin Energy® is a community-owned electric utility and a department of the City of Austin. Our goal is to provide you with world-class customer service. It takes a wide range of skills sets to run an electric utility. Austin Energy's jobs include professional, technical, and administrative positions. You can search Austin Energy's current job openings below or just go directly to the City of Austin's one-stop eCareer site at





The City of Austin’s Military/Veteran Preference for Interview Process

The City of Austin values the contributions that our Veterans have made, and continue to make, and recognizes the sacrifices made by those who have served, or who are currently serving on active duty, in the United States Armed Forces. As such, the City of Austin provides a reasonable preference to Veterans in the interview selection process.

The City of Austin Military/Veteran Preference for Interview procedure provides a standardized method by which Veterans, who do not currently work for the City of Austin, may receive special consideration in the interview process. The procedure applies to Veterans who served in the United States Armed Services and who were discharged under honorable conditions. It also applies to individuals who are currently serving in the United States Armed Services on active and reserve duty. The procedure applies to qualifying Veteran applicants, who meet the minimum requirements for the following positions: full-time regular status, part-time regular status, probationary status. The procedure does not apply to the following positions: civil service, executive, temporary status, temporary on-call, temporary seasonal, interns or any position governed by a contract. It does not apply to current City of Austin employees. It does not apply to promotions.


20 Percent of Interviewees shall be Veterans if possible:

Of the qualified applicants identified and selected to be interviewed, at least 20 percent of the interviewees shall be Veterans if possible. This applies to applicable job postings effective on or after March 2, 2009.



If an applicant is claiming Veteran status, the hiring Department may tentatively select the applicant for an interview pursuant to the procedure. However, the applicant must provide a copy of his or her DD-214(s), or a valid and verifiable government document at the time of interview. If the applicant fails to provide this documentation, he or she will be disqualified for participation under Veteran preference but may continue in the regular application process.

The City of Austin online application allows the applicant to self-identify as a Veteran.