Esterline Mason
Esterline Mason is the world leader in grip & control wheel technology. We make more types and styles than any in the industry. Our grips, control wheels, throttle assemblies and communications products can be found on virtually every military & commercial aircraft in the world, as well as on some of the most sophisticated military ground vehicles. We manufacture a comprehensive range of switches and transducers for military & commercial aircraft, track vehicles and missile firing systems. In addition, we design and manufacture electronic systems to interface our grips, switches and transducers to our customer's platform. Our new advanced products include active sidesticks for flight control and autonomous grips for UV control. For an all inclusive engineering and manufacturing solution, turn to the industry leader, Esterline Mason. Mason Electric has outstanding employment opportunities available. If you're interested in joining the Mason team, we'd love to hear from you. Send your resume and tell us which position you're interested in. Please email to humanr[email protected] or fax to (818) 365-6018. Mason Electric Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer