SeaWolf Marine Patrol
SeaWolf Marine Patrol is a multi-mission private security company with a primary focus on waterborne/waterside security/surveillance. We are a professional organization that works closely with government agencies and law enforcement to achieve a safe and secure environment for our clients. We have spent in excess of three years in extensive research covering topics such as training, tactics, types of boats and equipment. We continue to research and develop methods and technologies to ensure we stay on the leading edge of our industry. Our research has led us to the development of superior all-terrain, all-weather response capabilities. Our boats are equipped with searchlights, night vision equipment and radar. Four-wheel drive units, all-terrain wheeled/tracked vehicles provide rapid response on shore. The land vehicles are transportable by water and able to be launched/recovered by purpose built watercraft. This facilitates remote area sweeps/patrols of areas not normally covered. All personnel, vehicles and boats are radio linked to ensure a rapid and coordinated response to all types of situations. SeaWolf Marine Patrol can easily integrate with existing conventional security forces.