STS Consultants
Founded in 1948 by John P. Gnaedinger and Ted Van Zelst as Soil Testing Services, Inc., STS has transformed itself from a two-person testing service to a 500-person globally-recognized engineering consulting firm. Our growth has been built on a foundation of solid clients and industry leading talent - a condition we plan to preserve well into the future. From its inception and into the '50s, STS primarily assisted commercial developers and public sector agencies in the Midwest plan, design and construct their buildings and affiliated infrastructure. The study of soil behavior was an emerging science in the late '40s and early '50s and STS was instrumental in helping to develop this new science. Innovations in exploration techniques, data analysis and design established STS as a leader in underground engineering and differentiated us from other providers. STS has completed well over 100,000 projects in the United States and over 25 countries worldwide. Today we provide a comprehensive package of services to a well-balanced client base. We also maintain a staff of over 500 in multiple offices and continue to support our clients' interests at home and abroad. We continue to invest in technology, client support systems and our staff, and plan a future of high-profile projects and strong client ties fueled by our genuine desire to grow and succeed. Quality, experience and innovation are traits of our past, evident in our present, and critical to our future.