Dimagi is a certified Benefit Corporation and leading social enterprise helping organizations maximize the impact of their frontline workforces through digital solutions for frontline impact.

Our Mission is to build and scale sustainable, high-impact digital solutions that amplify Frontline Workers and programs. We strive for high-impact growth and evaluate our work against four pillars:

  • Improves wellbeing - We seek ideas that have the potential to ambitiously and provably improve well-being.
  • Inclusive - We design to reach the most underserved populations, especially in technically challenging contexts.
  • Robust - We focus on building robust technology that meets the highest standards with a long-lasting foundation.
  • Market-driven - We balance merit and market. We ensure that all work has a path to scale via the market.

Dimagi’s story is one of resilience and well-timed pivots combined with an unshakable commitment to positive impact on our end users and their communities.

We are a diverse group of problem solvers, technologists, public health professionals, and social impact enthusiasts coming together to create a more equitable world. We work from all over the world, including offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Cape Town, South Africa, and Delhi, India.