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Our roots can be traced back to 1973 when PATH was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation. This came about from the efforts of a group of dedicated community members, many of whom had family members in need of services, which were scarce to non-existent at the time. They worked tirelessly with a group of caring professionals to form PATH and to secure funding in order to provide much needed services to individuals with disabilities in Northeast Philadelphia. This tradition of the involvement of dedicated and compassionate community members continues today through our volunteer Board of Directors. The Board continues to strongly advocate for the needs of the community. Over the years, our community has expanded to include individuals throughout the city of Philadelphia and expanded services to almost 3,800 children, youth, adults, and their families each year. Starting with a staff of 14 in rented office space providing only information and referral services, PATH has significantly expanded its programs in our various Behavioral Health Programs, which include both Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment, as well as in our Intellectual Disabilities programs. With over 500 competent and considerate staff members, we are able to provide a wide array of quality services to meet individuals needs. Our facilities include our main campus at 8220 Castor Avenue, 6 satellite locations, and over 50 homes in the community where we provide residential supports to enable individuals to remain living in the community. We also provide school based services in numerous Philadelphia schools. We have remained true to our mission of helping individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life and hope you will join us!

Dec 01, 2021  
JOB SUMMARY: To promote the mission of PATH to help individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life by managing an effective team to provide quality services. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Must be able to participate in and appropriately apply and restrain staff in approved physical restraint techniques. QUALIFICATIONS Masters degree in Behavioral Health Discipline or Masters Degree in non Behavioral Health Discipline with 15-24 Master level credit hours in Behavior Health Discipline, 3 years work experience working with Behavioral Health and Intellectually disabled population and a waiver from CBH. Prefer LSW, LCSW . At least three years experience in the provision of behavioral health treatment for children, youth and adults. SPECIFIC DUTIES: 1. Provide overall supervision of program at assigned Residential Treatment site (P-RTF and/or RTFA) 2. Maintain and enforce compliance with DPW’s 55 PA Code Chapter 3800 (Child Residential and Day Treatment...
PATH People Acting To Help, Inc. Philadelphia, PA, USA Full-Time
Nov 19, 2021  
JOB SUMMARY: To promote the mission of PATH to help individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life by being an effective team member. Perform clerical support functions for the Clinical Records Department including filing paperwork in Records, retrieving and re-filing Clinical Records, purging records and Xeroxing. Maintain record room security and confidentiality. Hours are Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, must be able to work evening hours and change schedule when required. SPECIFIC DUTIES: 1. Accurately file all clinical information/forms in appropriate section of the clients’ records on a daily basis. 2. Pull clinical records in response to record requests and place in appropriate bin or deliver to identified staff. 3. Re-file records returned for the day. 4. Maintain tickler file identifying outstanding charts. Report any records not returned to Supervisor. 5. Account for all records before the close of business each day. 6. Issue Base Service Unit...
PATH People Acting To Help, Inc. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19152, USA Full-Time