Agile Data Decisions LLC

The field of artificial intelligence has seen dramatic advancement in the last few years. This has been enabled by data, which is used to train machine learning and deep learning models. Accessing data is crucial for AI to exist but it has historically proved challenging. This is because data is found in a large part in unstructured documents such as PDFs, images and MS Office documents. As a result, domain users or subject matter experts  have been needing to access and extract data manually from  documents, which is tedious and time consuming. In 2016 we created Agile Data Decisions LLC to tackle this challenging issue. The result was the first version of iQC, that automatically extracts data from documents. iQC showed tremendous success in the Oil & Gas sector. The generic nature of this first tool enabled us to build on our success and start helping other industries. AgileDD has since expanded to working with the US Department of Defense and clients from various industries.