Armorous is part of a family tradition of security agencies spanning four decades of protecting clients from around the globe.  During our legacy we have worked with nearly every law enforcement agency including FBI, DEA, DOJ, DPS, CPS and local police and sheriff’s offices.

In 2018, CEO Eric Hanson expanded into Northern California with Armorous to provide a full range of security services from high level executive protection, to armed and unarmed foot patrol, to marked vehicle patrol.  In addition, most of Armorous’ security officers are trained in our Private Investigations division to provide an added level of effectiveness to our services.

Our Mission

To provide world-class security & investigations services using time proven methods and leveraging  the latest technologies while creating a culture of integrity, accountability & leadership from within.

Combining a full range of security services and private investigations, Armorous is striving to make Northern California a safer home, destination, and place of business.