Weifield Group

A national leader in cutting-edge electrical construction, Weifield combines the professional expertise of our employees with innovative technologies to build some of the world’s most energy-efficient buildings. Whether the project is miles of medium voltage cable, highly technical, Net Zero, inclusive of solar or special systems, we are proven leaders in our field with our award-winning installations. More than 70% of the General Contractors in Colorado and Wyoming rely on our expert services to provide a quality project on-time and in budget.

DATE FOUNDED: January 15, 2002

WORK AREAS: Colorado, Texas and Wyoming

CATEGORIES OF WORK: Electrical, fire alarm systems, voice/data cabling, security/surveillance/CCTV, sound, nurse call, low voltage/medium voltage systems, A/V equipment, cathodic protection, building systems controls.

TECHNOLOGIES: Live Count, BIM, Trimble Systems, Blue Beam, Color Infrared Imaging, and More

BONDING: $60M Single Point | $120M Aggregate