SCA Sweeping Corp. of America

We Sweep While You Sleep

Street sweeping is about more than just keeping streets, highways, parking lots and industrial complexes looking clean — its about eliminating safety hazards and ensuring regulation compliance. Sweeping Corporation of America (SCA) is the largest self-performing power sweeping company in the United States. While most of our locations started with just one street sweeper and a few small contracts, today, SCA employs over 400 associates and utilizes more than 350 state-of-the-art street sweepers, parking lot sweepers, sewer cleaners and other support equipment daily across the country. Our fleet uses the latest mechanical broom sweepers and regenerative air vacuum trucks that can handle everything from heavy debris on the interstate to dirt tracked onto road surfaces during a construction project to a retail parking lot.

SCA’s customer list includes several state departments of transportation, city and county public works departments, airports, large industrial facilities, property management companies, major retailers, construction companies and special event venues.

Let’s talk about how SCA can help you meet your service objectives. No job is too big or too small.

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