California State University Maritime Academy

Established in 1929, California State University Maritime Academy, a campus of the California State University, is the only degree-granting maritime academy on the West Coast.  Located on a scenic waterfront site in Vallejo, the campus serves a student population of approximately 1100 undergraduates and 50 graduate students.   The campus currently  offers  undergraduate  degrees  in  Mechanical  Engineering,  Facilities  Engineering  Technology,  Marine Engineering Technology, Marine Transportation, Global and Maritime Studies, and Business Administration.   A master’s degree in Transportation and Engineering Management is offered as well as a number of extended learning programs and courses.

May 18, 2018
$4,421 - $5,000 monthly
Position Summary: The Office of the Commandant is responsible for combining every element of a cadet’s experience with intentional leadership development in order to create graduates who are recognized as leaders in their industry.  It is comprised of a Commandant of Cadets, Director of the Edwards Leadership Development Program (ELDP) and three Company Commandants.  Together, The Office ensures that ELDP is at the forefront of each Cadet’s experience and that each cadet progresses through the program through completion. Company Commandants are resources, mentors, and leadership coaches.  They connect the academic world with what cadets are doing outside of the classroom.  They are responsible for the practical leadership development within the Corps of Cadets through daily interactions, trainings/workshops, and scaffolded opportunities for cadet leadership involvement.  Company Commandants work with cadet leaders within their assigned Company to ensure the requirements and routine of the Corps are met. Company Commandants are key players in New Student Orientation and the annual Training Cruise aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear.  In each, Company Commandants engage directly with cadets to ensure their success in the experience, while fostering relationships that extend well beyond.      MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES :  Corps of Cadets Support Provide training, mentorship and direct supervision to the Corps of Cadets in support of leadership development and overall student success. Supervise, monitor, and evaluate the performance of Corps of Cadets Staff Officers within assigned Company. Train and educate Cadets in the execution of assigned duties and responsibilities associated with the Corps of Cadet to include formation muster, instruction, and inspection requirements. Ensure Corps of Cadets standards of conduct and uniform and grooming requirements are in compliance and enforced at all times. Oversight of the Cadet watch standing requirements to ensure watch standing and scheduling requirements are properly managed and executed. Lead a “Company Team” comprised of one professional staff member from each office in Student Affairs in collectively supporting assigned Company. Actively participate in New Student Orientation and entire First Year Experience Programs. Edwards Leadership Development Program Design & Support Educate cadets on the various elements and requirements of the program. Conduct Corps of Cadets leadership and professional development seminars/workshops. Provide insight and support on elements of the program to include, but not limited to:  Stewardship Program and Leadership Speaker Series. Support the planning and execution of the various leadership development retreats both on and off campus. Participate in assessment of the program on individual and programmatic levels. Support administrative requirements of the Leadership Development Program. Training Cruise Participation Participate in annual training cruise (approximately 2 months) as Company Commandant or, Acting Commandant of Cadets. Serve as Judicial Officer for all conduct at sea and ashore. Must maintain accurate records that can be utilized by campus Judicial Officer upon return. Participate in an in-port duty rotation that provides oversight to the Quarterdeck and ensures all cadets return from liberty. Ensure consistency between the campus and annual training   Assist in Administering Random Drug Testing Program Coordinate with Third Party Administrator to administer and facilitate Random Drug Testing Program at the Academy. Attend any necessary training sessions to ensure compliance with DOT & US Coast Guard Regulations. Initiate discipline procedures when necessary and conduct follow-up counseling sessions. Benefits: Premium benefit package includes outstanding health, dental and vision plans; life and disability insurances; pension (CalPERS); tuition fee waiver; and 14 paid holidays per year.  See our benefits website for additional information.
California State University Maritime Academy Vallejo, CA, USA Full-Time