Archoustics West

Archoustics West is the exclusive West-coast distributor of the LogiSon Acoustic NetworkTM, an integrated speaker system that provides sound masking, paging and music distribution in the commercial environment. The Logison Acoustic Network is the most revolutionary sound masking system for controlling workplace noise, achieving speech privacy and increasing worker productivity.

We are a family owned company, who have built our reputation on the exceptional products we represent and our company values including integrity, excellence and a strong work ethic. We have high care for our team, our customers, and the community. As a small private-owned company, we love the ability to give back to the community and serve our community with company-sponsored service projects. We encourage a culture of professional development as we are all learning and growing. Team building and fun are important as we celebrate each other’s successes and time together at company retreats, birthday lunches, sporting events or the yearly Christmas dinner. As we regularly invest back in our business with technology advancement and systems as well as the expansion of departments with team members supporting our growth each year. Even though we have a long way to go with a very busy and fast-paced environment, we will keep striving and achieving our goals in the process. We are proud of our success so far but feel we have just begun this journey and we are thankful for our business growth and team family. We are grateful to be living the American dream in action!