Anderson Electric Controls

Anderson Electric Controls, Inc., a leading engineering and manufacturing firm, specializes in custom built power conversion devices which serve a broad range of businesses across many industries, all over the world.

The company was founded in 1969 by H.J. "Andy" Anderson to provide electrical controls for tunnel boring and Raise boring machines. The success achieved in building 200+ new tunnel boring machines and 250+ new Raise boring machines led the company to seek out new industries to serve.
AEC now serves a diverse group of companies in the automotive, renewable energies, aerospace, mining, manufacturing, and transportation industries. The following is a list AEC technologies and applications currently being used:
Dynamometers and Test Stands
Electric Vehicle Dynamometers, Transmission Dynamometers, Clutch Development Machines, Engine Pump Test Stands, Special Hydraulic Motor Dynamometers, Hydraulic Motor Test Stands, 'Iron Bird' Test Stands

High Performance Power Supplies
DC power supplies for high bandwidth applications in the 10 kW to 2 MW power range. Applications include automotive inverter testing, renewable energies testing and validation, aerospace generator testing, and more.

Mining Electrics and Drive Systems
Custom and off-the-shelf industrial drive systems for tunnel boring machines, raise bore machines, and many other mining applications.

Building Products
Gypsum Knife Controllers, Gypsum Bundler/Trimmer Systems, Plywood Layup Lines, Veneer Feeder Systems, Flying Saws
We pride ourselves in the quality, performance and integrity of all the products and systems we deliver. Our experience, knowledge and commitment to excellence allows AEC to provide the best applications and service in the industry. We have more than three decades of experience, and our average employee tenure reaches 20+ years.