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Welch Equipment Joins HireVeterans!

Welch Equipment Joins HireVeterans!

Founded by Duane Welch in 1985 with just five employees, Welch Equipment has definitely come a long way, literally and figuratively, since its inception. It now employs more than 250 professionals in four states. 

Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

Branches: Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, and Albuquerque

Welch started off as a seller of Raymond products. Eventually, the company established a dealership with Raymond and Toyota Industrial Equipment (both of which are part of Toyota Material Handling of North America). Welch is even highlighted in Toyota Forklifts website as its accredited dealer. Although the company has continually expanded into new markets and product lines, Raymond and Toyota Industrial Equipment products remain at the core of Welch Equipment.

"We Move Mountains!" The Rocky-Mountain leader in Material Handling Solutions

With its strong partnerships with leading forklift brands, Welch Equipment now dominates the Rocky Mountain region as trusted experts in Material Handling Solutions. Their services include:

  • Forklift Units
  • Forklift Parts
  • Warehouse Equipment
  • Material Handling Installation
  • Fleet Management
  • Integrated Systems
  • Storage Solutions
  • Specialty Equipment
  • Equipment Service and Repair

More than just a forklift provider

Welch moving solutions is not only limited to actually moving or hauling items. They also offer end-to-end warehousing solutions. They cater to the design, integration and service of client equipment. They not only provide lift trucks and conveyors; they also offer automation and pallet handling systems for better warehouse/logistics management.

Customer Service that goes above and beyond 

To maintain customer satisfaction, a company must also move out of its way to go above and beyond to meet customer needs. With Welch Equipment, it doesn't matter what the client's business size are. Welch delivers the same high quality service to big and/or small clients because they understand that there are neither small nor big problems in the business. Every challenge about moving material needs to be met in order to achieve mutual successes for both the client and service provider (Welch). 



As a full-service forklift and material handling partner, customers rely on the expertise of Welch's highly knowledgeable team of technicians and leasing professionals. From the five-man team in 1985, Welch's workforce has grown to include: Customer Support Team, Special Products Division, Technology Sales Group, Mountain Power Industrial Battery Division, Millwright Warehouse Design and Supply, and so much more! All division holds the highest quality of work and service by putting emphasis on proper training and keeping up-to-date with advanced technologies.  

Welch Equipment has a wide variety of employment opportunities throughout the Mountain West. 

They offer competitive pay and benefits, along with world-class training and a great working environment.  

  • Competitive Salary
  • Full Training
  • Medical, Dental, Vision Benefits
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Sick Time
  • 401K Contribution


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