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TECO (Thermal Energy Corporation) Joins HireVeterans!

TECO (Thermal Energy Corporation) Joins HireVeterans!

The year 1969 is deemed as the Space Age as the United States sends the first man to ever walk on the moon. However, for Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO), this year will always be remembered for a different milestone: TECO's first ever successful operation.

Originally started and owned by Houston Natural Gas, until it was acquired by the Thermal Energy Cooperative in 1978, TECO was purposely built to serve the district cooling and heating for the buildings on Texas Medical Center (TMC) campus – the world’s largest medical city. 

TECO uses district energy and combined heat and power technologies to produce and pipe chilled water and steam to 24.3 million square feet of space in 51 buildings at the prestigious TMC institutions. 

Now, 53 years since its first operation, TECO remains the reliable sole provider of cost-effective and energy-efficient cooling and heating systems for the TMC campus.


  • In commemoration of their 50th founding anniversary, TECO employees filled and sealed a steel time capsule to be opened on the system's 75th anniversary in 2044.
  • TECO has also always been a Veteran-friendly employer. Throughout its history, TECO has employed Veterans who represent more than 125 years of combined loyal and dedicated military service. During their golden year, the company also honored TECO's past and current military veterans with a plaque commemorating their service.
  • TECO rebated customers a total of $55.2 million from 2011 to 2020 due to its high energy and operational efficiency. TECO runs a combined heat and power-based district energy system. This means that as energy efficiency goes up, emissions go down – ultimately benefiting its customers and the community/environment. 



Although a leader in thermal energy systems, TECO's many successes do not rely on the company's technology alone. The biggest energy source of the business is its PEOPLE. TECO is blazing towards the future because of the combined wit, talent and dedication of the members of the organization – from the board of directors, board committee members up to the dedicated contractors and consultants. 

At TECO, employees can work in a family-like atmosphere while pursuing professional fulfillment and exploring learning opportunities.

TECO's energy professionals – highly skilled technicians and experienced engineers – run and maintain the system's two district energy plants on the Texas Medical Center campus in Houston, Texas.

As of this writing, TECO is URGENTLY looking to fill their Industrial Maintenance Mechanic position in Houston, Texas.

They are looking for a candidate that is equipped with the knowledge and skills to maintain and inspect boilers, chillers, air handlers, cooling towers, reciprocating engines, building and auxiliary equipment (such as pumps, motors, gearboxes, steam turbines and compressors). Employee benefits and special qualifications are specified in their job page.

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