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Survitec is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

Survitec is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!


Survitec is the brainchild of its founder -- Reginald Foster Dagnall. A chance encounter in Surrey, England in 1920 led to the beginning of Survival Technology, aka SURVI-TEC or simply SURVITEC. Dagnall's old friend needed to save an aircraft ditched at sea. Dagnall, being an airship balloon expert, stepped up to the challenge and offered his flotation solutions to help solve his friend's problem.

From then on, Survitec emerged as the leading designer, manufacturer and service provider of personal survival equipment used after ejecting from an aircraft, spacecraft, or when at sea and/or land. Survitec serves the marine, energy, aerospace and defense industries. Their extensive product portfolio include (but not limited to):

  • Lifejackets
  • Marine evacuation systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Market-leading rental schemes for different survival/safety product categories
  • Commission service for various safety systems



Survitec has presence in 96 COUNTRIES. They operate 8 WORLD-CLASS MANUFACTURING FACILITIES, three of which are DNV-GL accredited training centers. Survitec also supports a network of more than 400 accredited service stations. For the marine industry alone, Survitec serves 2,000 ports around the world, making the company the global leader in maritime safety solutions.

The company's facilities are often strategically placed near its customers to promote responsiveness and boost customer service. For instance, its marine business solutions are located near the port areas so they can offer faster and more targeted results.


Protecting lives require trust. Having been in the business for over a century, Survitec has developed its name to be synonymous to TRUST. Over the years, with the client base that was built not only in one location but throughout the world, Survitec's products dominate the market because of the customer's trust towards their products and services.

To build further on their customer's level of trust, Survitec, also offers a wide array of aftermarket services. This aims to further support customers' safety requirements, including equipment servicing and repairs as well as a variety of training solutions.


One can save another man's life even without totally meaning to help; but the business of saving lives requires PASSION to continue and flourish. Over the years, Survitec maintained its passion through innovative designs, advanced manufacture processes as well as efficient life saving solutions. Survitec has continued to impress the global market with their award-winning products and services, such as:

*Photo grabbed from Survitec's website


The quest and goal to protect lives is not only a one season endeavor. The company wouldn't have lasted over a century if that was their case. The mission and vision of protecting people's lives and promoting safety has always been CONSTANT for Survitec.

Despite having over 3,000 people throughout their 96 worldwide locations already, Survitec's search for partners in life protection is still and always ongoing. 

Vacant Positions available in the Hire Veterans site! Visit their HV Profile HERE.

Continue your calling of saving lives: this time through survival equipment and protection solutions!

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Perks & Benefits 

Being a global company comes with a lot of perks. Survitec offers the following benefits to chosen candidates:

tick Flexible / family working 

tick Training & professional development opportunities  

tick Health & Life Insurance 

tick Employee Assistance Program

tick Workplace reward & recognition scheme - Recently, Survitec launched its Survitec Excellence Awards which recognizes and rewards colleagues who go above and beyond their job descriptions in serving customers and supporting other colleagues.