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SUCCESS TIPS: Clutter Holding You Back? Clear it out and Take Your Power Back!

SUCCESS TIPS:  Clutter Holding You Back?   Clear it out and Take Your Power Back!

By Suzanne Bandick

Do you ever feel bogged down, tired and like life is just a little too heavy with too many things going on for your comfort? Sometimes the busyness of our lives and the overwhelm can start to get the better of us.

It spoils our fun in life and our interactions with others. Often that feeling has to do with all the things we let clutter up our life – things both mental and physical. Let's look at ways we can clear out the clutter so we can feel light and full of energy again.

Let's take our power back. That would feel better wouldn't it? When we clean up the physical clutter in our life we remove what we no longer need and make room for new and wonderful things to come into our life. It works the same way for our mental clutter. I would suggest you have a look at both areas in your life. Start with the physical stuff.

  • What are you holding onto that you no longer need?
  • Why has it been important? Can you let it go?
  • Are there things you can give away, sell or even throw out?
  • How would you feel if you did that?

If a fresh start comes to mind – do it! Our mental clutter can hold us back in the same way as our physical clutter does. It ties us to the past and often does not allow us to move forward.

  • Are you holding on to things people said to you in the past?
  • Are you holding on to things you said to yourself in the past?
  • Are you holding on to past behaviors and thoughts that no longer serve you?

You might want to do a cleansing ritual of some kind if you have thoughts or stories from the past that no longer serve you.

Here is an idea: write it out or find a symbol of the thoughts you are ready to release and then ... you can set it on fire and watch it disappear in the smoke, let it float away on the wind attached to a balloon or sail it away down the river.

Now you can write out and decide the thoughts and statements that do serve you. Place them in areas of prominence for you so you remember you are off to a fresh start with thoughts that now serve you.

So what are you inspired to do to cleanse and clear out? Often we don't even realize the weight of what we keep with us until we start to let it go – as we let it go we feel lighter and gain a sense of more freedom. We take our power back.

Suzanne Bandick

About Author: Suzanne Bandick is a Certified “Thinking into Results” Facilitator and Life Coach with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. She and her husband Shawn help people with how to stop postponing their lives by showing them how to Decide what they really Want, find out what is holding them back and then how to Get Results so that they can achieve their goals. Find out more at Suzanne is also the creator and founder of