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Success Tips: Check Out Your Focus

Success Tips:  Check Out Your Focus

By Suzanne Bandick,

What have you been thinking about lately and what have you been getting in your life? Your results will be a direct reflection of your focus.

I am going to quote from Marc Allen and his book The Millionaire Course because he says this so eloquently...

“What we think about expands. If our thoughts are focused primarily on our problems and obstacles and shortcomings, those things expand and become even greater. The more we turn our thoughts to what we want to do, be and have in our lives, the more we let ourselves imagine living the life of our dreams, the more those things expand in our lives. Once our intention becomes solid, solutions to problems become obvious – or else what were formerly problems simply don’t matter anymore, and become irrelevant. Obstacles dissolve, or else you find an easier, simpler way around them.” ---- Marc Allen.

It's time to take a good look at your life and think about your company, your job, your personal life, and your relationships with all the people in all the areas of your life.

Look at all the different areas of your life and really think about what you are choosing to focus on. Is it the good, the bad, the positive, or is it the negative? Write it down. Look at it in the cold light of day and see if you like your focus. As Bob Proctor teaches, we all know what you are thinking by looking at what is happening in your life and your results. We all feel great when we like our results but it is hard for us all to admit we could be the cause when we have something in our life that we don't like.

Your focus is creating your world so check periodically throughout the day this week and throughout your life to see if your focus is on what you want or something you don't want. The difference will be yours to make.

About Author: Suzanne Bandick is a Certified “Thinking into Results” Facilitator and Life Coach with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. She and her husband Shawn help people with how to stop postponing their lives by showing them how to Decide what they really Want, find out what is holding them back and then how to Get Results so that they can achieve their goals. Find out more at

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