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Stevens Towing Company, Inc. is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

Stevens Towing Company, Inc. is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

Stevens Towing Company, Inc. has been in the mid-size marine fleet business for over 100 years now. They have evolved in their industry and adapted to and succeeded all the challenges that came their way throughout the century. Where else would you like to work if your expertise lie in marine service and freight transportation? Look no further! Work for Stevens Towing - an industry leader in freight transportation and marine construction & servicing!

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Benefits include:

  • Group medical and dental coverage
  • Term life insurance
  • Short term disability benefits
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Paid vacations and major holidays



Located on Yonges Island, South Carolina (just south of Charleston) Stevens Towing Company, Inc. is a mid-sized freight transportation business that also has a Mid-Atlantic presence in Edenton, North Carolina.

The Stevens family has called South Carolina home since the latter half of the eighteenth century. The immediate descendants of the family remained in South Carolina's Lowcountry while others moved south to Georgia. Moving closer to the coast turned out to be the start of a bright future for its next generations.

Stevens Brothers started offering services in the late 1800s after acquiring their first boat: the Mary Draper. But it wasn't until 1913 that Stevens Line Company was established. Its initial business was transporting goods and people from nearby barrier islands to the Charleston market. The business was later renamed as Stevens Towing Company, Inc. during the 1970s.

In today's market, Stevens Towing regularly offers Inland, Coastal, and Ocean towing but they can also provide skilled drivers and a full fleet of tugs, barges, and cranes for all freight and construction operations. The company services the Western Rivers, Great Lakes, Caribbean, and US East, West, and Gulf Coasts as well as international ports.


Bulk Cargo

For many years, bulk cargo has served as the foundation of Stevens Towing. The company owns and operates its sizable fleet of super jumbo hopper barges (265ft x 52.5ft) to fulfill the regular demand of Coal, Steel, DRI, Wood Chips, Gravel, Sand, Rock, Mill Scale, Scrap Steel, Pig Iron, Bush & Bundles, HBI, Dredge Spoil, Coils, Beam & Plate, and Timber transfers. Ship lightering is Stevens Towing's area of expertise. They have served many customers in North and South Carolina for over a decade.

Project Cargo

Stevens Towing has become a market leader when it comes to project cargo. The company's century-long history of offering this service has made it Stevens Towing famous for their extensive fleet of well-maintained equipment including barges, tugs, cranes, and a US Flag Jones Act Ship to fulfill all project needs. 

Heavy Lift/Salvage

Stevens Towing also owns a fleet of 12 tugboats for our use in salvage or ‘saving property.’ This fleet ranges from pushboats (300 hp) to deep sea ocean tugs (1800 hp with Nozzles). Apart from this, they also own a large fleet of 50+ operational barges that can cater to different kinds projects as they arise.

Their fleet of barge mounted cranes include:

  • 28 ton Intercon crane
  • 170 ton Clyde 32
  • The ‘Savannah Giant’ - 500 ton Twin Boom Shearleg Derrick
  • The ‘Ocean Ranger’ - 500 ton Single Boom Shearleg Derrick crane mounted on a 200ft x 72ft x 14ft ABS certified deck barge for offshore salvage work


Stevens Towing has operated in the marine towing, barge charter, and marine repair business for many years already. Their shipyard is located at 25 miles south of Charleston, South Carolina. on the intracoastal canal at milepost 490.

Stevens Towing shipyard has:

  • 1800 long ton marine railway for vessels up to 300′ long or 80’ wide
  • 500 short ton marine railway for vessels up to 140′ long x 45′ wide
  • 150-ton Marine Travel lift
  • 500′ of dockage for topside marine repairs
  • Other equipment includes a 500-ton crane barge available in the harbor
  • Designated Roll on/Roll off site


Tugs with horsepower (HP) ranging from 400 to 2,000 are available for both inland and offshore services. For inland towing services, the covered areas are: The East Coast, the Gulf Coast, and Western Rivers.

Construction Support/Rental Equipment

To support any marine building project, Stevens Towing provides a wide variety of equipment. The rental fleet features a Komatsu PC-1250 with numerous attachments, floating cranes, including a Manitowow 4100W Series III Ringer with 240′ of boom, crane mats, winches, stands, beams, ramps, spuds, material barges, crane barges, hopper barges, anchors, buoys, cable spoolers, heavy lift rigging, lift bags, and test lift bags.