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Signal 88 Security Joins HireVeterans!

Signal 88 Security Joins HireVeterans!

Security and protection jobs are some of the leading roles for transitioning Veterans. Providing security is not just a reactive job, though. It should also be proactive.

Signal 88 Security aims to change the 'reactive' face of providing security. For them, client safety is not just a "job," but also an opportunity to make a difference in the community. Signal 88 Security live for "moments of heroism" and they provide each client with a hero alongside them.

This might be your chance to continue making a difference for our society after active duty. Do you want to be a proactive security personnel? What are you waiting for?

Join our Team

In return for your passion and dedication, Signal 88 Security is prepared to offer you the following BENEFITS: 

  • Flexible schedules (Part-time and Full-time schedules)
  • Career growth / merit-based opportunities for advancement
  • Referral bonuses
  • Use of and training on state-of-the art protection technology and/or equipment

Signal 88 Security is one of the country’s leading security providers for residential, commercial, retail and institutional customers. They offer a variety of paths for protecting the community. Their unique roving patrol model uses highly-visible vehicles and cutting-edge technology. Signal 88 Security has more than 170 locations worldwide so there are plenty of opportunities to join!

World-Class, Industry-Leading, Freedom-Driven Security

Signal 88 Security was founded in 2003 with the ultimate vision to provide a full suite of world-class and industry-leading security services across all sectors: residential, commercial, retail and institutional. And world class does not have to be complex. Sometimes, the solution to complex problems are just simple answers or services. Over the years, Signal 88 Security has discovered that the key to solving complex security problems lies in offering simple, professional, valuable and quality protection measures. 

Without the freedom of feeling secure, one's passions can never be fully enjoyed. Signal 88 Security understands that the need to be secure goes hand-in-hand with being able to do things freely. The company promises to provide customized security services to fit individual's, businesses' and neighborhoods' unique needs.

The Active Ingredient of Service is SERVICE

Centered at employing ex-law enforcement and military officers, devotion to service has also remained the core of the people who wear the Signal 88 uniform. Serving is the active ingredient in service. It has been the blood and sweat of Signal 88 team members during service and continues to remain their bread and butter as they transition to serving the clients. 

Aligned Leadership

Signal 88 Security also follows what they call: “The Courage of Conscious Leadership.” The company understands that it is the leaders or the management who acquire, retain, and manage customers' requests and trust. But they also know that it is the character of the people on the ground that truly reflects the competence and uplifts the confidence of customers to the company. Signal 88 leaders guide the team by also imbibing things that they say they can do. That way, when instructions and expectations are communicated at the operations level, all values and actions are guaranteed to be aligned.

Roving Patrol Tour

Signal 88 Security's signature service is its ROVING PATROL TOUR. There is not a quicker visual deterrent for crime and mischief than an officer in a fully-branded vehicle. Signal 88's patrol tour allows the company to randomize their activity so as not to develop patterns that can be predicted or anticipated by nuisance groups. However, and thanks to its state-of-the-art security technology, all roving patrol activities are fully traceable. A fool proof verifiable security increases the accountability and reliability of Signal 88's security services. This drives efficient and dependable results that can guarantee a safe environment and peace of mind.

Does Signal 88 Security stir your interest? Check their HV Profile HERE or visit to their WEBSITE directly.