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Plunkett's Pest Control is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

Plunkett's Pest Control is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

Family Owned and Operated

Plunkett's Pest Control, Inc. was first established in 1915 by its founder, Tom Plunkett. However, with Tom's sudden death in 1923, his widow sold the company to its only employee, Bill O'Reilly. From then on, the business has been passed down to the O'Reilly generations. Its current owner, Stacy O'Reilly, is the grandson of Bill.

They are the "Go To" professional pest control technicians of over 70,000 residential and commercial clients across 20+ states. Having been in the business for 107 years already, Plunkett's has not only established its dexterity but also dominance in the pest control business. Plunkett's has remained resilient despite the wars, diseases, and financial crises that unfolded throughout history. 

Plunkett's For Your Home

As a family business, it's only natural for the company to cater to family pest control needs. Depending on a household's need, Plunkett's provide one-time pest control services for an existing problem and offer regularly scheduled services as well for prevention. 

Plunkett's For Your Business

Plunkett's cannot only solve residential pest control problems but can also cater to commercial and industrial level of pest infestation problems. Restaurant mice infestation? No problem. Call Plunkett's! Fruit flies issue in a manufacturing plant? Call Plunkett's!

The company provides tailored pest management programs that fit client's specific requirements. When their website stated that they offer WIDE VARIETY OF PEST CONTROL SERVICES, Plunkett's meant it. No matter where (home or business) and whatever pest you're looking to get rid of, Plunkett's can do the job for you!*

 *Just make sure that you are in a location with or near Plunkett's branches.

As Mario Puzo has put it, "The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other." 

The Extended Family Members: Crew and Clients

Having been in the business for over a century, Plunkett's has not only realized but also practices the principle of treating every employee as part of this family-owned business. The company makes sure that all crew members are properly trained, compensated, and heard. Plunkett's know that the employee-satisfaction is directly proportional to higher work ethics and customer-retention; and not just retention but also customer and sales boost. Plunkett's clients typically enjoy a long-term collaboration with their service person. Its technicians have 25-30 years of company service in their belt.

Want to Get to Know Plunkett's Pest Control, Inc. Better? Visit their HV Profile HERE.


Get Plunkett-ized TODAY!

Job seekers might think right away that to get accepted to Plunkett's, one must like bugs. No, that's not always the case! Plunkett's main Technician requirement: YOU HAVE TO LOVE PEOPLE. Plunkett's is all about delivering excellent customer service according to client requirements. Technicians will deal directly with the clients so they are expected to show concern and extend assistance happily and to the best of their ability. 

Want to be part of a company that lets you work according to the schedule that you designed around your life?

Want to work in a team that has plenty of room for growth?


Get Plunkett-ized today and look forward to a stable employment with the following benefit offers:

  • FREE On-the-job Trainings
  • Competitive Wage
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Vacation Leave
  • Critical Illness and Accident Insurance
  • 401(k) Plan with Company Match
  • BONUS: You get your own truck!

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